Storage of high-tech goods in combination with upstream or downstream handling modules.

Customer: A renowned international telecommunications company

Challenge: Creation of a warehouse infrastructure that best provides for the different needs of the customer: efficient handling of product entry inspections, refurbishment and set packing, and accompanying serial number management via a computerized system.

Objective: To organize the necessary resources, in particular staff, storage area and infrastructure resources, in a flexible manner in order to cover peak periods and keep fixed expenses low.


Solution by tectraxx

Incoming goods

  • Managing of the products at unit level, including scanning and registration in the tectraxx computerized merchandise management system: recording of product-specific data, serial numbers of the individual articles but also any new serial numbers that have come about as a result of the combination of several products in one set
  • Inspection of the delivered end devices for functionality and recording/evaluation of all steps taken
  • Product software updates


  • Product-specific warehouse storage and management in secure facilities with permanent digital video surveillance
  • Automatic reordering of equipment/parts in the event of stock levels falling below thresholds defined by the ordering party

Outgoing goods

  • Picking of the end device and any corresponding accessories (cable, user manual, etc.) as well as scanning of the serial numbers. Then: generation of the set, including labelling with the new item number and EAN code.
  • Allocation of new serial numbers to the requested sets; automatic assignment of serial numbers to individual items in set- Transport-specific packaging and preparation for dispatch
  • Organization of the most efficient mode of transport

The benefits for you

Outsourcing warehouse management, entry processes and dispatch processes to one single logistics provider makes it possible for you to react flexibly to developments on the market. High fixed expenses for logistics fall as a result, and adapt to your business performance. At the same time, the quality of service is increased, without you losing control over your logistics processes. You receive precise information about your stock levels, and know where your articles are located at all times. This gives you an overview of the whole process chain, allowing you to save on resources.

Other practical examples

  • Storage of the parts in the central warehouse or locally on site (depending on value and frequency of use)
  • Supply of replacement parts to service and maintenance technicians: via self-collection from the central or regional warehouse, via direct supply to an agreed depot or simply straight into the back of the technician's vehicle.
  • Planning of the entire materials flow in accordance with the technicians' plans for using these materials

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