Logistics management

Managing the storage and distribution processes for high-tech goods.

Customer: A renowned international telecommunications company

Challenge: The goods and replacement parts required by the ordering party are stored, depending on the value and frequency of use of the parts, in their own central warehouse or in regional warehouses (some of which are abroad). There is also an externally contracted repair centre where the most important replacement parts are stored. For all internal and external warehouses, the customer requires efficient administration and a computerized inventory management system.

Objective:To reduce the complexity of the storage system in order to reduce the stock level and the amount of tied-up capital. To increase transparency and to get a better overview of the goods that are in storage and being distributed.


Solution by tectraxx

  • Management and supervision of the storage and transport processes using the tectraxx Control Tower concept
  • The SPOC (Single Point of Contact) takes care of all the logistical requirements for each storage site (central and regional warehouses, the repair centre, etc.).
  • Comprehensive reporting on all processes and storage sites including inventories, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and detailed reports on a site-by-site basis as well as a system of benchmarking between the warehouse sites
  • Centralized complaints management
  • Adapted to the needs of each individual client: in order to manage the inventories of the different warehouses and sites, the computerized inventory management system developed by tectraxx is used. Each component that arrives at the central warehouse from the manufacturer is recorded and given a serial number. From this point onwards, the entire lifespan of the component can be documented and mapped. 
  • During every transfer of goods from one warehouse to the next, each component is checked out of the dispatching warehouse, and checked into the entry warehouse and then sorted and shelved.
  • If the stock level of a replacement part drops below a defined amount, then the site in question will automatically receive a delivery of the parts required.

The benefits for you

With this logistics solution from tectraxx, we offer you a supervision tool with which you can optimize processes beyond the boundaries of your own company. The reorganization of your warehouse management system and the act of outsourcing to one single logistics provider make it possible for you to significantly reduce your stock level and the amount of tied-up capital. Thanks to the possibility of having permanent access to all data, you will always know exactly where your components or products are located. This conserves resources and reduces cost.

Other practical examples

  • The modular warehousing model developed by tectraxx can also be used for your central and regional warehouses – whether the warehouses are run by you or by tectraxx. At your request, we can also offer complete outsourcing of warehouse sites.
  • The incorporation of foreign-based warehouse sites (e.g. for labour-intensive activities) can reduce costs
  • Implementation of the warehousing concept in accordance with TAPA certification (Transported Asset Protection Association) for selected sites
  • Europe-wide transport management for valuable technical equipment

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