Technical distribution – Basic

Management and performance of deliveries to companies, including professional on-site services.

Customer 1: A company producing industrial ovens and cooling systems
Customer 2: A producer and distributor of refrigerated displays

Challenge: Implementing an efficient planning and supply system including on-site technical services. Agreeing appointments/time frames with specific customers in the food trade, supermarkets, bakers, etc. Lifting the burden on highly qualified in-house technicians as much as possible by reallocating low-level tasks.

Objective: To ensure that fixed appointments are observed and to make more efficient use of in-house technicians.


Solution by tectraxx

  • Making appointments with end users by telephone or in writing
  • Efficient route planning and human resource planning
  • Creation of two-man teams (including general technical and product-specific training for employees)
  • Making available of special vehicles equipped with the necessary tools and equipment (e.g. stair climbers) 
  • Transport of equipment to its destination and transfer to the point of use by two-man teams
  • Unpacking and assembly of simple technical equipment, connection to available standard connection points (220 V outlets, water inlet/outlet, etc.) and transfer of the equipment in a ready-to-use state to the recipient (Green Button service)
  • Appointment coordination between tectraxx and the technicians to avoid waiting times
  • Returns handling or exchange of products during delivery
  • Recovery and disposal of packaging material

The benefits for you

By allowing tectraxx to take care of the entire physical flow of goods and its management, you can devote all your attentions to your core competencies. Thanks to the combination of preparation work being performed by tectraxx and the final tasks being completed by your technicians, the latter can perform more efficiently and focus on more important tasks.

Other practical examples

  • These services are available throughout Europe via the Teneso network, controlled from a central point at tectraxx
  • They can be applied at any time for other technical product groups too (e.g. vending machines, safes, small photocopiers, etc.)

Consulting services individually to your needs

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