Technical distribution – Technical

Management and performance of deliveries to companies, including demanding "on-site" services.

Customer: A renowned producer of and trader in exercise equipment

Challenge: The earlier a gym can open for business, the earlier it can start making money. This means that suppliers are under significant time pressure. In order to render the delivery chain more professional and to reduce assembly time, the company had need of an experienced partner who would not only manage the logistics, but could also offer on-site technical services.

Objective: To achieve quicker throughput times, to deliver complete new gyms, to replace old gym equipment and to have the possibility to transform fixed expenses into variable expenses.


Solution by tectraxx

All services under Technical Distribution – basic are offered here, along with the following additional services:

  • Handling of particularly large/heavy gym equipment
  • Specially trained drivers and employees who know the product-specific installation requirements
  • Pre-installation of equipment (in accordance with specifications/training) followed by an examination by the ordering party's technician
  • Drafting in of additional employees/specialists due to the weight of an item, workload or special service requests
  • Fitting out with special equipment (e.g. special tools)
  • Training for the customer and users of the equipment
  • Return of used equipment and transport to customer storage or disposal company

The benefits for you

By allowing tectraxx to handle affairs, you can cover peak periods without a hitch, and without having to invest in extra staff. At the same time, you will ensure quicker throughput times right up until the completion of your contracts. This means you can reduce your fixed expenses and make your business more efficient.

Other practical examples

  • Organization of complex transport requirements for transfer to the point of use, for example the provision of additional staff for more demanding projects, the organization of special technical equipment (cranes, etc.)
  • Unpacking, assembly, preparation and pre-installation of equipment requiring a high level of specialist knowledge, in which case a technician must perform the final stage of installation and the operational handover.
  • Handling of particularly large/heavy goods such as large-format photocopiers, safes, etc
  • These services are available throughout Europe via the Teneso network, controlled from a central point at tectraxx.

Consulting services individually to your needs

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