Repair logistics

Management and monitoring of repairs, combined with suitable transport logistics.

Customer: A company which operates worldwide in the field of control command and signalling for railway transport

Challenge: The company was looking for a partner with experience in the area of repair logistics who could offer an all-in-one solution. This included data collection and administration for all repairs plus the necessary information flow as well as the transport of components between all the sites concerned and external repair service providers.

Objective: To reorganize the whole repairs handling process in order to make it more economical, and to improve the flow of information. To cooperate with a financially stable partner, since for certain electronic components, long-term storage must be guaranteed (in order to ensure the operation and maintenance of existing facilities for as long as possible).


Solution by tectraxx

  • Transfer/pick-up of the faulty components from the ordering party or their end customers
  • All customs handling
  • Data collection (part number and serial number) for all parts, and inspection of repair history
  • Flexible computerized system (Navision-Axapta)used as a basis for repair logistics – analysed individually and adapted to the practical needs and service requests of the customer. Performance figures and reports relating to the process are available at all times: transparent and complete documentation, implemented warranty management, fault descriptions including chronological documentation of the process and procedures.
  • Visual inspection of the faulty components and assessment whether the fault can be repaired
  • Transport of components that can be repaired to the customer's affiliates (e.g. repair centres). The ordering party is informed of the existence of any irreparable parts, and further instructions are requested (e.g. replacement with new component etc.).
  • Transfer/pick-up of the repaired part from the customer's affiliate, inspection of the part number and serial number as well as entry into the system
  • Should the request be made to replace a component, a relevant note will be entered into the system (including the new serial number).
  • Packaging and wrapping of the components to ensure safe transportation, and transport to the customer

The benefits for you

tectraxx takes over administration of the goods flow for repairs, including the necessary documentation. Online access to the tectraxx computerized system gives you a permanent and detailed overview of your repairs processes. Use of the most efficient mode of transport for the task in question is made possible due to the wide range of services offered by tectraxx and its parent company, Gebrüder Weiss.

Other practical examples

  • This solution is also useful for consignment and replacement part warehouses used by in-house technicians
  • It is applicable at any time, including for other technical product groups (entertainment and information technology, white goods etc.)

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